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Transportation of large transport vehicles at the Furka car transport

The loading of large-capacity vehicles at the Furka car transport is possible with prior reservation. Large-capacity vehicles are buses with a capacity of 10 persons or more and motor vehicles that exceed the total weight of 3.5 tons. Large vehicles with trailers are not allowed to be loaded.

For safety reasons, busses with more than 16 (15 + 1) seats and/or with a total weight of more than 3.5 tons may only be transported with the Furka car transport without passengers.

Bus passengers will travel in one of the passenger trains which commute hourly in each direction between Oberwald and Realp. A compulsory reservation is required at the respective loading stations (Oberwald or Realp). Not having a reservation can lead to longer waiting time. More information: Restrictions for busses on the Furka car transport

Before travelling

    • A reservation at the loading points in Oberwald or Realp is compulsory. No reservation can lead to longer waiting times. Large vehicles with trailers are not allowed to be loaded.
    • For safety reasons, buses are allowed without passengers only. Passengers travel in hourly regional trains through the Furka Tunnel.
    • Large transport vehicles must be ready 15 minutes before departure time.
    • Vehicles carrying dangerous loads as listed in ADR/SDR (international goods regulations) are prohibited.
    • On open truck-beds all freight must be tightly secured and safe.
    • Drivers must strictly adhere to the 20 tons weight limit. The maximum weight of 20 tons is the total weight of the freight and the vehicle together. Supplying incorrect data regarding weight is strictly forbidden as it compromises safety. 

Before loading

    • On purchasing a ticket a vehicle registration card must be shown every time without it being requested. 
    • Follow all directions given by staff on the loading ramp. 
    • Remain in the designated waiting areas. 
    • Measurement of a vehicle can be required and must be permitted. Vehicles over the permitted maximum height can be barred from transport. For measuring the vehicle must be lowered. 
    • Aerials must be drawn in or removed and may not be extended during the journey. Any contact with the overhead cables must be avoided. Contact with the cables can lead to vehicle damage, railway property damage, damage to other vehicles, personal injury or tunnel blockage. 
    • Rear-view mirrors must be drawn in or removed if requested by staff. 
    • Highly flammable material such as hay, straw, polystyrene etc. may only be transported in closed trucks or trailers (risk of sparks from current collectors).

Loading onto the train

    • Vehicles may only be loaded under the supervision and guidance of staff on site. 
    • Vehicles must be parked directly over the middle of the long axis equidistant from both sides of the wagon. 
    • Vehicles with pneumatic shock absorption must be lowered after loading and must remain lowered. 
    • To secure a vehicle drivers must observe the following steps: Engage the spring-loaded brake and engage neutral gear. 
    • The vehicle will be earthed by the supervising staff. Without being specifically asked to do so, no vehicle may now be moved again! 

During the journey

    • The General Conditions of Transport, as listed on the back of the ticket, apply. 
    • The loading of buses is only possible without passengers. Passengers travel in the hourly regional trains through the Furka tunnel.
    • Emergency number Switzerland: 112 or Oberwald/Realp stations. 
    • Emergency information will be given on the radio frequency UKW 89.4
    • During the journey, drivers must not leave their vehicle cabins. 

Unloading from the train

    • The vehicle is still earthed. It may be moved as directed by the staff on site. 

Maximum dimensions

Width Height Corner height
2.60 m 3.62 m 3.50 m
2.55 m 3.62 m 3.53 m
2.50 m 3.62 m 3.57 m
Max. weight: 20 t per vehicle incl. freight