Furka car transport

Load your vehicle between Realp and Oberwald

The car trains run all year round to take you through the Furka tunnel from Oberwald to Realp, or vice-versa. The trip takes barely 20 minutes and gives you a time save of 45 minutes, compared to driving over the Furka pass.

Timetable until 11.06.2023

Public holidays, timetable as on Sundays 1 and 2 January, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, 1 August, 25 and 26 December

New offer for frequent users - Furka-Abo - 20 and 30 trips

Loading onto the Furka car transport is getting easier – save money and effort with the practical Furka-Abo. The Furka-Abo is available for 10, 20 or 30 trips aboard the car transport train. You can register up to 3 licence plate numbers and then it’s very easy as the barrier will open automatically for you.

All Furka-Abo Offers are available online only.

Vehicle categories

Car ➔ CHF 33.00
Cars with trailers/> 3.05 m ➔ CHF 66.00
Large-capacity vehicles ➔ CHF 200.00
Two-wheeled vehicles ➔ CHF 20.00

Advice and information for your journey with the Furka car transport

As the next winter is just around the corner we, in Valais, are expecting many visitors and winter sports-fans. Many of our visitors travel with their cars via the Ursental valley and Gomsand make use of the Matterhorn Gotthard railway’s car transport trains - due to the closure of the Furka pass road in winter. To make the trip as enjoyable as possible and make boarding and disembarking as easy as we can we have put together some tips to help motorists.

When does the car transport run?
How do I get my ticket?
When do long queues generally form? How can I avoid them?
Where can I find information about the current waiting times?
Can I reserve a place for a specific departure time?
Is it possible to buy a snack or a drink at the Realp and Oberwald railway stations?
Are there public toilets at the loading stations?
Why are there not more or longer trains in service during the peak times?
What is the MGB railway doing to cover demand at peak times or respectively, to keep waiting times at a manageable level?
Is an extension of the loading capacity planned in the long term?
In February and March 2022 there were many disruptions, which led to long waiting times. What was the reason for these?
Can such malfunctions be excluded in future?
In case of disruptions
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Terms and Conditions
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