Furka - Abo 20


With the 20 trip Furka-Abo you can load for CHF 25.00 per trip, saving CHF 8.00 per trip in winter. Also in summer you can save CHF 2.00 per trip.

Register up to 3 licence plate numbers and the barrier will open automatically when you approach it.

This abo is valid for 2 years and available only online. Register as a customer and receive information about the number of journeys still available after each trip.

To buy a Furka-Abo, you need a user profile. After the purchase you will see all this in the wallet of your user profile:

  • The QR code of your Furka pass is in your user profile. If the barrier does not open automatically, you can scan the QR code to open the barrier.

  • You have an overview of your purchased products at all times.

  • You can see when you have used the car transport.

  • You have an overview of how many journeys are still available on your subscription.

  • For changes such as adjusting or adding number plates, as well as refunds after purchase and during the validity of the Furka subscription, we need the customer's identification.

Important information

In the booking screen under Contingent, select the Furka-Abo that suits your needs. 10, 20 or 30 journeys.