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Zermatt - Täsch - Zermatt, 30 April - 04 May 2023 at night - Buses instead of trains

Due to planned construction work, the following trains will be operated by bus: Zermatt departure (station square): 22.30, 23.30, 0.30 hrs. Täsch departure (station square): 22.30, 23.00, Mon+Thu 23.36, 0.00, Sun 0.17, 1.00 hrs


(Visp) Brig - Fiesch - Brig (Visp) till further notice, hourly buses instead of trains.

Instead of the train, buses with disabled acces (no toilet / very limited bicycle transport). Brig hourly from 05:48 to 18:48, resp. Visp hourly from 09:25 to 18:25 to Fiesch. Fiesch hourly from 06:29 to 19:29 to Brig, respectively Visp.

Informations about Busreplacement

In the busses the Bicycle transport is restricted.1st class travel is not possible on the rail replacement buses.

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