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Apres Ski Wagen im Depot Glisergrund Glis


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Après-Ski Train Andermatt ↔️ Disentis

The après-ski train will not be running in winter 2020/21 due to the COVID-19 crisis

Where else can you find the Schöllölölö Bar with the ever-changing view outside?
After a great day’s skiing the best way to finish off is with a drink in a warm atmosphere.  Two, rebuilt Glacier Express rail coaches run between Andermatt and Disentis and provide exactly the right setting for the end of a day.  Both Après-Ski coaches are fitted out for a relaxing trip to and from the slopes. 

It wouldn’t be a ski season without the après ski?  We totally agree.  ‘Raise your glasses’ is the motto aboard our Après-Ski train.  The two rebuilt and comfortably furnished Matterhorn Gotthard Railway wagons do the job perfectly.  The two trains, each with an Après-Ski coach, run between Andermatt and Disentis .

The interiors have a stand-up bar or seating with a lounge and at the weekends a DJ adds extra zest to the atmosphere.  

Prices / Tickets on the Après-Ski coach

The price is the ticket for the train trip.  It’s also considered good manners to buy one (or more) drinks from barman Viktor.  You might say that passengers are obligated to consume while occupying the bar.  

Drinks and catering aboard the Après-Ski train

Viktor, our railroad barman, serves great drinks and local specialities such as cheese or dried-meat cold plates. Also on board are home-made Nussgipfel (croissants with a nutty filling), walnut and honey pie (Nusstorte) and various olives. If you had a cold day’s skiing – then order a potent Kaffee Lutz (schnapps coffee) to warm up again.  Or perhaps the most-drunk beer would be more to your taste – we recommend the ‘SkiArena’ beer; it’ll be just right for you.

Après-Ski train route

The trip with the Après-Ski train from Disentis to Andermatt is very popular.  In Andermatt you have time for a stroll around the charming village or to have lunch there, after which you could take the cosy rail-bar coach back up to Disentis.

Après-Ski train souvenir MGBahn model railway.

For model railway fans go here for that special souvenir.

Apres Ski Wagen im Depot Glisergrund Glis