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Wine & Dine Gourmet Trips

Coronavirus - information on the current situation:

The "Wine and Dine" gourmet trips in March and April 2020 are cancelled.

Top Valais wines, gourrmet menus and train trips

Discriminating wine connoisseurs will more than enjoy the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway’s exclusive Valais Wine Trips:  From Brig to Disentis we spoil you with fine wines from Valais and a select, 5-course menu.  

Great Valais Wine Trip

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime gourmet trip aboard an MGB Railway panorama  coach.  Following the aperitif we serve a carefully created 5-course dinner with the best wines to complement each dish.  On each trip one winery in Valais is responsible for providing the wines and the representative is more than happy to give background information on all their noble wines.  On the return journey cheese, dessert, coffee and pastries are served.

Catering Gaumenzauber on board

The well-known Upper Valais catering service ‘Gaumenzauber’ guarantees a perfect dinner at your seat.  Norbert Schwery and his team recently cooked for the new Federal Assembly member, Viola Amherd, at her reception in the Simplon Halle in Brig.
Every trip has an excitingly different menu accompanied by the perfect wines.

Tour of Disentis village

During the 90-minute stop in Disentis guests have the chance to visit this historic village with a local, knowledgeable guide. The village tour is included in the price.  Disentis in the Surselva region has 2,000 inhabitants and is overlooked by an imposing Benedictine Monastery. 

Price CHF 165.00


Adults   CHF165.00

*Included: train ride, menu, all wines, mineral and coffee*

Including arrival and departure to / from Brig from all MGBahn stations
Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
Bahnhofplatz 7, CH-3900 Brig
Tel. +41 (0)848 642 442


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Wine & Dine informations

We recommend booking in good time (at least 4 days in advance).  Should the minimum number of guests not be reached we regret that we will have to cancel the trip.  Guests with reservations will be duly informed. 

Brig–Disentis–Brig train schedule

  Onward trip Return trip
Brig depart 11:10 am arrive 6:40 pm
Disentis arrive 1:55 pm depart 3:37 pm

The MG Railway works with the following wineries in Valais:  

Cave du Chevaliers Bayard Varen

Gegründet wurde die „Cave du Chevalier Bayard“ im Jahr 1975. Die Mehrheit der Gründungsmitglieder sind Kinder des Jeremias Bayard, die die Tradition der Selbsteinkellerung ihres Vaters weiterführten. Heute wird das Unternehmen in dritter Generation geführt. In der grossen Familie gilt es als Selbstverständlichkeit, sich für das Unternehmen einzusetzen und damit das familiäre Erbe zu würdigen. Dabei werden Kunst, Kultur und Geselligkeit gelebt. Die Cave du Chevalier Bayard bietet eine breite Palette an authentischen, naturnah produzierten Qualitätsweinen.

Domaines Chevaliers, Salgesch

Home. History. Workplace. Centre.

Our winery is our life. This sun-drenched place in the Salgesch vineyards inspires us every day. Patrick Z'Brun and his team have been filling this noble winery with new spirit since 2008 - a great legacy: Vins des Chevaliers once flew out into the world on board Swissair. Drive, ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and, above all, enthusiasm for wine: Patrick Z'Brun, another lateral thinker, is now on board. One who knows the roots for which he is developing visions together with his team. A good wine, like a loving home, has a soul. Both can be experienced happier if we share them with others. The doors of the Domaines Chevaliers are open to you. 

Fernand Cina, Salgesch

Our family business was founded in 1956 by Fernand Cina in Salgesch. In 1987 we were able to take over the growing winery from our father. Through much diligence and care in the vineyards, the passion and love for the grapes, our work has been rewarded in recent years. Many wines have been crowned with national and international awards. Our winery is known for its wide range of specialities. We cultivate an extraordinarily large number of grape varieties on 18 hectares of our own vineyard land, which enables us to offer around 40 different wines.

Les Fils de Charles Favre

For over 70 years we have distinguished ourselves through our excellent wines. Our winery was founded in 1944 by Charles, René-Pierre, Hanny and Jean-Pierre Favre, and we continue their unique legacy with passion. The ageing of wine is an art that requires great commitment, passion and creativity. This conviction led to the creation of our Dame de Sion, Hurlevent, Collection F and Favi wine ranges, which brilliantly combine the diversity and complexity of Valais grape varieties.


Die Gründung der Unternehmung Leukersonne geht zurück bis in das Jahr 1976 und wurde von René Seewer ins Leben gerufen. Zusammen mit seiner Frau Marzella widmete der einstige Hobbybauer sein ganzes Herzblut dem Wein und wuchs mit den Jahren zu einem passionierten Weinbauer heran. Der damals kleine Familienbetrieb wurde mehr und mehr zu einem beliebten Treffen für Weinliebhaber. Was die Eltern zu ihrem Lebenswerk machten, führen die Söhne Jörg und Damian seit 1997 nun weiter. Mit dem nötigen Respekt zur Natur, mit viel Leidenschaft und Liebe, kreieren wir hochwertige, charaktervolle und facettenreiche edle Weine.

Maison Gilliard

The Maison Gilliard has symbolised the family tradition since 1885 and, through its wines, the faithful expression of the Valais terroir.

Maison Gilliard is characterized by its know-how, its traditional values and its experience. She relies on her heritage to offer her clients a unique experience. Notoriety of the House is based on renowned wines, the popularity of which has long exceeded the Valais borders.

St. Jodern Kellerei, Visperterminen

For 30 years the cooperative St. Jodern Kellerei has been able to offer wines from the highest vineyard in Europe. Come and enjoy a glass of our Heida wine.

Varonier Weine Varen

Der Familienbetrieb wurde am 1. Oktober 1969 als eine der ersten Kellereien im Weindorf Varen gegründet. Mit unermüdlichem Fleiss und viel Liebe zur Rebe und dem Wein hat der Gründer Cäsar Varonier sein Lebenswerk geführt und zu einem erfolgreichen Betrieb aufgebaut. Die Kellerei produziert Qualitätsweine, aus fruchtigem Traubengut, herangewachsen an bestgelegenen Hängen, golden und aromatisch gereift durch Einwirkung der vielgepriesenen Wallisersonne. Eine stattliche Anzahl diverser Walliser Weine werden Ihnen dank hervorragender Qualitäts-Preisverhältnisse grosse Freude bereiten.