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Wine & Dine Gourmet Trips

Price: CHF 165.00



    • Arrival and departure from a station of the MGBahn to Brig
    • Rail journey Brig - Disentis - Brig
    • 5 - Course Gourmet Menu
    • matching Wines each corse
    • mineral, coffee 
    • a friendly service and a fantastic, priceless experience


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Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
Bahnhofplatz 7,
CH-3900 Brig
+41 (0)848 642 442

Enjoy top wines, gourmet cuisine and a wonderful landscape 

An exclusive culinary excursion awaits you in the comfortable panoramic cars of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn on this return trip from Brig to Disentis. Select wines from a Valais winery to complement the 5-course gourmet menu will be served at your seat. A different winery will be featured on every journey. On arrival in Disentis, an entertainment programme will hold you enthralled. 


Departure Brig 11.10 h ¦ Arrival Brig 18.40 h
Stay in Disentis 13.55 - 15.37 h

Our trips 2022/2023

Date Winerie Menu Availability
Saturday, 26.11.2022 Leukersonne follows availible
Sunday, 27.11.2022 Vins des Celliers de Sion: Bonvon 1858 et Phillippe Varone Vins follows availible
Saturday, 03.12.2022 C. Varonier & Söhne AG follows availible
Sunday, 04.12.2022 Cave du Chevalier Bayard follows availible
Sunday, 08.01.2023 Maison Gilliard follows availible
Sunday, 15.01.2023 Fernand Cina ❃Fisch Menu❃ follows availible
Sunday, 22.01.2023 St. Jodern Kellerei follows availible
Sunday, 29.01.2023 Fabian Albrecht ❃Trip with Beer❃ follows availible

Village tour in Disentis

During the 90-minute stay in Disentis you have the opportunity to take a tour of the village under the expert guidance of a local. This offer is also included in the price. The impressive Benedictine monastery dominates the village in the Surselva with its 2000 inhabitants.


The renowned regional caterer "Gaumenzauber" guarantees a perfect meal at your seat. Norbert Schwery and his team cooked, for example, in the Simplonhalle in Brig on the occasion of the Federal Council reception by Mrs. Viola Amherd.

On every gourmet trip, there is a changing menu, matching the wines.

It is recommended that you book your Wine tour well in advance (at least 4 days before the trip). If the minimum number of participants (55 persons) is not reached, the trip must be cancelled. You will be informed by us in good time.




Cave du Chevalier Bayard, Varen

The "Cave du Chevalier Bayard" was founded in 1975, the majority of the founding members are children of Jeremias Bayard, who continued their father's tradition of self-cellaring. Today the company is managed by the third generation. In the large family, it is a matter of course to be committed to the company and thus honour the family heritage. Art, culture and conviviality are lived out. The Cave du Chevalier Bayard offers a wide range of authentic, naturally produced quality wines.

Maison Gilliard

The Maison Gilliard has symbolised the family tradition since 1885 and, through its wines, the faithful expression of the Valais terroir. It is characterized by its know-how, its traditional values and its experience. She relies on her heritage to offer her clients a unique experience. Notoriety of the House is based on renowned wines, the popularity of which has long exceeded the Valais borders.

Fernand Cina, Salgesch

Our family business was founded in 1956 by Fernand Cina in Salgesch. In 1987 we were able to take over the growing winery from our father. Through much diligence and care in the vineyards, the passion and love for the grapes, our work has been rewarded in recent years. Many wines have been crowned with national and international awards. Our winery is known for its wide range of specialities. We cultivate an extraordinarily large number of grape varieties on 18 hectares of our own vineyard land, which enables us to offer around 40 different wines.

St. Jodern Kellerei, Visperterminen

For 30 years the cooperative St. Jodern Kellerei has been able to offer wines from the highest vineyard in Europe. The grapes come from local cooperative members.  The passion, the wine as a philosophy of life and the pursuit of the highest quality are the three components that accompany the employees in their daily work. Added to this is the healthy and diverse nature of the region, which allows the grapes to thrive in the vineyards of Visperterminen up to an altitude of 1,150 metres above sea level.

Les Celliers de Sion

At Les Celliers de Sion two methods of expertise and tradition come together. Its history is one of friendship between two families and a partnership based on the respect for each other’s identity.

When Maison Varone first associated with Maison Bonvin to create “Les Celliers de Champsec” in 1992, the two maisons took destiny in their own hands. At first a purely economic partnership, cooperation slowly evolved towards a common goal and more synergies: former competitors whose esteemed wine range today displays the diversity and the potential of Valais grape and wine production.


The foundation of the Leukersonne company dates back to 1976 and was initiated by René Seewer. Together with his wife Marzella, the former hobby farmer devoted all his heart and soul to wine and grew over the years into a passionate winemaker. The then small family business became more and more a popular meeting place for wine lovers. What the parents made to their life's work, the sons Jörg and Damian continue since 1997 now. With the necessary respect for nature, with a lot of passion and love, we create high quality, characterful and multi-faceted noble wines.

Domaines Chevaliers SA, Salgesch on 16th January 2022

Our winery is our life. This sun-drenched place in the Salgesch vineyards inspires us every day. Patrick Z'Brun and his team have been filling this noble winery with new spirit since 2008 - a great legacy: Vins des Chevaliers once flew out into the world on board Swissair. Drive, ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and, above all, enthusiasm for wine: Patrick Z'Brun, another lateral thinker, is now on board. One who knows the roots for which he is developing visions together with his team. A good wine, like a loving home, has a soul. Both can be experienced happier if we share them with others. The doors of the Domaines Chevaliers are open to you. 

Les Fils de Charles Favre on 23rd January 2022

For over 70 years we have distinguished ourselves through our excellent wines. Our winery was founded in 1944 by Charles, René-Pierre, Hanny and Jean-Pierre Favre, and we continue their unique legacy with passion. The ageing of wine is an art that requires great commitment, passion and creativity. This conviction led to the creation of our Dame de Sion, Hurlevent, Collection F and Favi wine ranges, which brilliantly combine the diversity and complexity of Valais grape varieties.

Varonier Weine, Varen

The family business was founded on 1 October 1969 as one of the first wineries in the wine village of Varen. With untiring diligence and much love for the vine and the wine, the founder, Caesar Varonier, led his life's work and built it into a successful business. The winery produces quality wines, from fruity grapes, grown on the best situated slopes, golden and aromatically ripened by the influence of the much praised Valais sun. A considerable number of various Valais wines will give you great pleasure thanks to the excellent quality/price ratio.

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