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Safety - Principles of behaviour in the railway sector

As a railway company with a public contract, the issue of safety is a particularly high priority for the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway and the Gornergrat Railway. It is our claim to guarantee our guests, partners, users of the infrastructure and ourselves the highest possible level of safety in order to preserve life and health.

We have compiled measures in 12 simple principles of conduct which should contribute to increasing safety in rail traffic.

The principles of conduct are as follows:

    • Cross tracks at level crossings only
    • Attention to high voltage
    • Eyes and ears on
    • Keep a sufficient safety distance
    • Caution with selfies and when taking pictures
    • Be particularly vigilant at platforms and railway stations
    • Travel safely by train
    • Watch out for stumbling blocks
    • Correctly assess braking distances
    • Appropriate behaviour in the mountains
    • Respect cultural differences
    • Beware of thieves

Do you have questions or suggestions?
Then you are welcome to contact our employees. They will help you further or take up your request.

We wish you a pleasant stay and a good journey with the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway and the Gornergrat Bahn.

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