Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
Regionalzug Komet überquert das Viadukt in Grengiols.
Grengiols / Goms/ Schweiz


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Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn Rail Service Information

Find the latest traffic information concering the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn; last updated on Friday, 19. August 2022, 1.08 am

Keine Wartezeit Autoverlad Furka Realp

Aktuell besteht an der Verladestation Realp (UR) des Autoverlads Furka keine Wartezeit.

Keine Wartezeit Autoverlad Furka Oberwald

Aktuell besteht an der Verladestation Oberwald (VS) des Autoverlads Furka keine Wartezeit.

Planned construction work and bus replacement

(Visp) Brig - Fiesch - Brig (Visp) hourly buses instead of trains.

Instead of the train, buses with disabled acces (no toilet / very limited bicycle transport). Brig hourly from 05:48 to 18:48, resp. Visp hourly from 09:25 to 18:25 to Fiesch. Fiesch hourly from 06:29 to 19:29 to Brig, respectively Visp.

Zermatt - Täsch - Zermatt, 2.-3. and 5.-6. October, At night buses instead of trains

Due to construction work, buses will run from station square instead of the train during the night 

Zermatt dep. 22.30, 23.30, 00.30

Täsch dep. 22.30, 23.00, 23.36 (Mon + Tue), 00.00, 00.17 (Sun), 01.00

All timetables, including information on interruptions and bus replacements, can be found at

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