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Cross-country skiing adventures in the Surselva region

Although the Surselva is regarded mainly as a ski region rather than a mecca for cross-country skiing, its professionally prepared trails passing through forests and over plains certainly give it a respectable kudos. 

Smaller networks of ski trails (classic and skate) are maintained in Brigels (7.5 km), Obersaxen Mundaun (12 km), in the Val Lumnezia (6.5 km) and in the Safiental (8 km), in addition to the cross-country trails making up the Trun cross-country ski centre. These captivate their users with extended panoramic vistas and unspoilt natural scenery. 

Cross-country skiing Disentis - Sedrun

Where to buy your ticket

Gemeindekanzlei Trun
Calzers Tuor, Trun
Banca Raiffeisen, Trun
Michel Sport da muntogna, Trun

Rabius: Hotel Greina, Rabius

Surrein: Ustria Placi Pign, Surrein

Sumvitg: Volg Sumvitg

Biro turistic, Disentis
Menzli Sport, Disentis

As well as with the Pass-Chekers in Trun, Surrein und Disentis.

Day-Pass CHF 10.00
Weekly-Pass CHF 40.00
Local season ticket Nordic-Surselva, Trun-Sumvitg-Disentis, Sedrun CHF 120.00
Cross country ski pass Switzerland CHF 140.00
Children up to 16 years free.  

The Nordic Surselva cross-country ski trail runs from Trun to Disentis via Surrein / Rabius and vice versa, largely along the river Rhine. Lowest point: Trun, 855 metres a.s.l., highest point: Disentis/Salaplauna, 1130 metres a.s.l. 

Trail length

Trun-Surrein-Disentis with loops in Trun, Rabius and Disentis/Salaplauna: total length 26 km.