Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
Autozug auf dem Oberalppass im Winter.


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Information concerning the winter operation

The vehicle transport trains between Andermatt and Sedrun run during the winter when the Oberalp Pass is closed to traffic.  This service ensures the connection between Wallis and Graubünden.

In roughly one hour the train brings vehicles over the 2,033m Oberalp Pass.  Sit back and enjoy the wintry landscape, deep in snow, or simply nod off for an hour.  The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway brings you safely from Andermatt to Sedrun or vice-versa. 

The vehicle train runs during the winter closure of the Oberalp Pass and the service ends when the road opens again in spring. 


A reservation is mandatory for using the vehicle transport trains. Reserve by phone or online (available when the pass will be closed). 

Tel. +41 (0)27 927 77 07


Tel. +41 (0)27 927 77 40

Timetable car transport Oberalp

This vehicle transportation service requires a prior reservation and travels in both directions twice or three times a day (depending on the season).



From closing of the pass road – 8 december 2018  
From Andermatt daily 8:28 am, 5:28 pm
From Sedrun daily 7:31 am, 5:31 pm
From 9 december 2018 – 22 april 2019 Friday - Sunday / holidays* Monday - Thursday
From Andermatt 9:50 am, 2:50 pm, 6:28 pm 9:50 am, 2:50 pm, 5:28 pm
From Sedrun 7:31 am, 11:50 am, 5:25 pm 7:31 am, 11:50 am, 5:25 pm
From 23 april 2019 – opening of the pass road  
From Andermatt daily 8:28 am, 5:28 pm
From Sedrun daily 7:31 am, 5:31 pm

Please note the times for loading – all vehicles will be loaded 30 minutes before the stated departure time.  Reservations must be made one day before by 18:00h at the very latest. 

* Public holidays, timetable as on sunday: 1 and 2 january, Good Friday, Easter Monday, 25 and 26 december

Prices car transport Oberalp

The Oberalp transportation service can only take vehicles and trailers up to a maximum of 3.5t.  The price per vehicle includes its passengers.

This service also offers a multi-journey ticket for 10 trips at a reduced price per trip.

Type of vehicle Price per trip (CHF)
Motor vehicles up to a max. 3.5 t 65.00
Trailers up to a max. 3.5 t 35.00
Discount for 10 trips 550.00
*All prices include passengers  


Make your reservation at the loading railway stations or online: 

Andermatt, Tel. +41 (0)27 927 77 07,
Sedrun, Tel. +41 (0)27 927 77 40,

General information for Oberalp car train

  • Reservations mandatory until 6:00 pm. Bookings made by email for the following day that are received after 18.00 h can unfortunately no longer be accepted.
  • Loading closes 30 minutes before train departs
  • Maximum corner height 2.50 m / Maximum width 2.30 m
  • Only passenger cars with up to 3.5 t
  • Motorbikes and bicycles cannot be transported. 
  • Drivers and passengers must travel in the passenger car of the train. For handicapped/wheelchairs: If you need help getting from your car to the passenger car of the train, please contact the loading railway stations prior to your reservation. 
  • During transport: Put your car into 1st gear or "Park". Turn the engine off. Drivers and passengers travel in the passenger car of the train. 
  • There is no entitlement to be transported in specific trains
  • Travel time approx. 50 minutes