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Unique cuisine along the MGBahn train route

What railway can boast such a record: On each of the 112 railway kilometres along the train route between Zermatt and Andermatt, there are four rounded Gault&Millau points next to the tracks of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway!

Of the 800 restaurants tested by Gault&Millau throughout Switzerland, 31 are located along the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway route.

Of the 125 Michelin gastronomic temples that have been awarded a prize, five have been chosen. Discover the list of all unique restaurants below.

Restaurants with train station in the immediate neighbourhood

In some restaurants you can still pay the bill when the train enters the station. The way from the table to the train is so short.

What would it be like to take the train directly to the restaurant without stress and hustle and bustle? Thanks to the journey home by public transport everyone can enjoy an aperitif, a good glass of wine and a digestif without remorse.

415 Gault & Millau points and 4 Michelin 1* restaurants between Zermatt and Andermatt:


17 points Gault&Millau and 1* Guide Michelin
Backstage Hotel After Seven
17 points Gault&Millau and 1* Guide Michelin
Mont Cervin Palace Ristorante Capri
16 points Gault & Millau and 1* Guide Michelin
Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
15 points Gault & Millau and 1* Guide Michelin
The Omnia
14 points Gault&Millau
Cervo Mountain Boutique Resort
Chez Heini
Chez Vrony
China Garden
Findlerhof bei Franz und Heidi
Mont Cervin Palace Grill Le Cervin
Zum See bei Max und Greti
Restaurant Veranda Mirabeau
13 points Gault & Millau
Restaurant 1818
Unique Hotel Post Zermatt
Restaurant Sonnmatten


13 points Gault&Millau
Hotel Ambassador Brasserie des Cheminots


12 points Gault&Millau
Heidi's Hütte


16 points Gault&Millau
Erner Garten
13 points Gault&Millau


15 points Gault&Millau


14 points Gault&Millau
Hotel zur alten Gasse


16 points Gault&Millau


13 points Gault&Millau


14 points Gault&Millau


15 points Gault&Millau
Hotel Hubertus


16 points Gault&Millau and 1* Guide Michelin
The Chedi Andermatt The Japanese Restaurant
14 points Gault&Millau
The Chedi Andermatt The Restaurant
Bergrestaurant Gütsch

One star: A kitchen full of finesse - worth a stop!
Two stars: An excellent cuisine - worth a detour!
Three stars: A unique cuisine - worth a trip!

20: best grade, never awarded in Switzerland until today
19: grade for a groundbreaking, outstanding kitchen performance
18: grade for exceptional cuisine and creativity
17: grade for best quality and high consistency
16/15: high degree of culinary art and quality
14/13: very good cuisine that offers more than the ordinary
12 conventional, good cuisine without special ambitions