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General Terms and Conditions of Matterhorn Terminal Täsch

On, and, BVZ Holding AG mediates the reservation of parking places in the car park of Matterhorn Terminal Täsch AG against advance payment. One can book for a period of minimum 1 to maximum 29 days. Matterhorn Terminal Täsch makes the reservations under the following rental terms:

An advance booking of a parking place using or cannot be changed, cancelled, transferred or refunded. There shall be no refund in case of a late arrival or an early departure. The reservation shall not result in any obligations and also not in an entitlement to the use of a certain parking place. The car can be parked on any free parking place.

The regulations for the protection of the rights to benefit (vouchers) from theft or impermissible duplication must therefore be observed in any case.

When arriving at the car park for the first time (arrival), the voucher must be kept ready at a position that is accessible for the driver.  At the time of arrival, a car park ticket must be drawn by entering the five-digit parking code. This code can be found on the voucher. The car park ticket shall be valid during the entire reservation period and can be used multiple times for entries and exits. If a normal ticket is bought at the time of arrival (by mistake or if one has forgotten the voucher), this must be transcoded during the reservation period with the five-digit parking code at an automatic checkout counter. Lost vouchers or vouchers that have been forgotten at home can any time be re-printed in the user account at or Lost car park tickets shall be replaced against producing the voucher. 

The car park is always open. The use of the car park shall be chargeable in any case and for the entire duration of use. In the event of arrival before the rental duration booked online, a normal ticket can be purchased and transcoded at the automatic checkout counter after the start of the reserved period. The time additionally purchased must be paid for directly at the automatic checkout counter. No guarantee shall however be assumed for a free place before the rental period booked online. If the departure takes place after the expiry of the rental period booked online, the ticket must be extended at the automatic checkout counter. The time additionally purchased must be paid for directly at the automatic checkout counter; there is no payment facility at the departure barrier. Departure without a valid parking ticket is prohibited.

Matterhorn Terminal Täsch AG shall not assume liability for damage and accidents of any kind caused by third parties as well as through thefts. It has issued the following house rules for the parking: The car park shall serve exclusively for the parking of light motor vehicles. Entering into and using the car park and its parking places with game and sports equipment (skateboards, inline skates, etc.) shall not be permissible. The car park users shall be liable for damage caused by them to other parked vehicles, to facilities and installations or to the building. 

The damage caused must be immediately reported to the serviced car park counter. The traffic signs and boards affixed as well as the instructions of the car park staff for traffic regulation must be followed. All regulations of the Swiss Road Traffic Act (Strassenverkehrsgesetzt, SVG) and its decrees shall be applicable. The vehicles must be parked within the marked areas. The car park is meant exclusively for the parking of cars. Storage of other objects or materials on the parking places shall not be allowed. Repairing, maintenance and cleaning work on parked vehicles shall be prohibited. Excessive noise generation (honking alarm systems, etc.) must be avoided. Letting the engines run unnecessarily must be avoided. Disturbances must be immediately reported to the serviced car park counter. Affixing and distribution of advertisement of any kind without consent of Matterhorn Terminal Täsch AG shall not be permitted. Dumping and disposal of rubbish shall be prohibited. 

Version: November 2018