Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
Vorbereitung für den Transport des Wagens im Depot Glisergrund.
Glisergrund / Glis/ Wallis/ Schweiz


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The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway travels to China

On 17. September (2018) a disused Breda panorama coach (Ap 4021) was sent on a long journey to China.  Delivering the panorama coach is part of a cooperation with the winter and ski resort ‘Snowland’, currently under construction.  ‘Snowland’ is some 130 kilometres north-west of Peking in Chongli.  The coach is intended to stand near the new, soon to be opened ‘Snowland Life Pavilion’.

Arrival in the desert

At the end of November our coach arrived in Snowland, but not much of the planned ski destination is yet visible. After a successful journey halfway around the world, the panorama coach is standing quite alone in the desert. Now it's up to Snowland to take the next step.

„Snowland“ ski resort

The Snowland ski resort is in a central location around the capital, Peking/Beijing, which has a population of 200 million. During the coming months and years motorways and a high speed train line will be added in order to sustain transport connections during the 2022 Winter Olympics.  The number of guests anticipated is at least 400,000 after the opening and in the following years.  

Follow our coach on its journey eastwards via social media and with the hash tag: #mgbahn2china 

Stages of the journey

    • 17.9. - Loading of the wagon
    • 18.9. - Transport by truck to Basel
    • Preparation for further transport by ship
    • 21.9.-25.9. - Transport by barge from Basel to Antwerp,
      Arrival in Antwerp around 08.00 A.M.
    • Preparation for shipment to China
    • Early October to early or mid November - Transport by ship to Tianjin
    • Approx. mid/end of November Arrival in Chongli