Zooom the Matterhorn


The former cable car station on the Gornergrat has been carefully restored and is now home to a new, multi-media experience world, “Zooom the Matterhorn”. In our experience-world visitors can zooom in on the Matterhorn in three stages. 

During the first stage visitors explore the Matterhorn from the sky with virtual paraglider flights and in the second stage they see various scenes on the Matterhorn as it appears in all four seasons.  The third stage offers close-up views of the Matterhorn itself and its surroundings, which can be viewed through a periscope and explored in minute detail.  The multimedia show is rounded off with a variety of  information that can be experienced hands-on about historically significant events and nature at high altitudes.

Opening Hours

Opening hours may vary depending on the timetable of the Gornergrat Bahn.