Exhibition rockslide randa


1991 rockslide forms the "foundation stone" of the new exhibition in Randa.

The year 2016 marked a fateful anniversary in the town of Randa. 25 years before, three landslides of rock with a total volume of 48 million cubic metres thundered down into the valley. Roads and railway tracks were destroyed, the blocked river led to flooding and many animals lost their lives. As if by a miracle, no people were hurt, but the catastrophic event is still by no means forgotten, partly due to the fact that it evoked an unprecedented expression of solidarity from the whole of Switzerland at the time. An exhibition was created in the local community hall on the occasion of the 25th anniversary. An elaborately designed picture gallery offered visitors the opportunity to inform themselves in detail about the momentous events. Since 2018, this picture gallery has been available as what can be regarded as a permanent exhibition in a converted stable of the rectory, directly adjacent to the parish church of Randa.