Abbey barn Salaplauna


Salaplauna The name is a composition from the Latin silva forest and Plauna, Latin plana just. The name of this flat surface comes from the time before the Urbarisierung and means flat forest. The operation Salaplauna is the property of the Benedictine monastery of Disentis. Until the year 1995 the farm was managed in-house. The farm of the monastery was from 1 May 1996 to the family of Andrew and Rita Buhler Nussbaumer leased. After the tenant Andreas Buhler holding a position as manager of a large dairy operation was offered to tenants and the monastery agreed to lease an early resolution. With Andreas Buhler, the monastery lost an experienced rancher and excellent Braun for excellent quality milk farmers. The new leases will be as soon as the necessary information to be collected advertised. The heart of the monastery is the Salaplauna. It is a continuous, flat surface area of 12.5 ha of 1130 m Immediately on the opposite side of the road Lukmanier an equivalent parcel of an area of 4.5 hectares of sandy soil is easily and allows to pursue farming. It is classified as very good and fertile land. The automatic management is unrestricted. The rest of meadows and pastures are located within a radius of about 0.5 km. They are located at approximately the same height and are mostly also bewirtschaftbar machine. The percentage share of the hillside is steep slope is 5:11 ha ha 0:43 The plant is nearly 40 acres LN one of the largest in the Cadi. Operation belongs to the monastery of Sömmerungsbetrieb Bovas and Sogn gagl. Bovas is on the right side of the valley and is used as Voralp. The alp Sogn gagl located in the Val Medel and is used for about 75 days with the cows of the monastery farm. The Alp is accessed via the road Lukmanier well. The milk is processed in the dairy Sedrun to Bünder mountain cheese.

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