Matterhorn Gotthard Railway at Lake Oberalp on the Oberalp Pass

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Furka car transport

The Furka car transport service offers a fast and convenient connection between Valais and Uri. You save a good twenty minutes and avoid the many bends on the Furka Pass road. In winter, the car transport service is the only connection.


Idyllic hiking trails, numerous leisure activities and incomparable mountain panoramas await you along the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn route. Take advantage of our bundles to experience all this and more at special prices.

Bike offers

Experience a variety of routes on your bicycle or mountain bike. Whether it’s a sporting challenge or a relaxed family outing, you’ll find something for everyone between Zermatt and Disentis.

Our Culinary Trips

Enjoy delicious food while admiring the breathtaking scenery through the panoramic windows of the modern carriages. Our “Wine&Dine” and “Exquisite Travel and Dining” gourmet trips also take you over the Oberalp Pass, the highlight of the route. Each trip includes a stop in Andermatt or Disentis, where you can take part in guided tours of the picturesque villages.

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