Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
Regionalzug Komet Richtung Zermatt vor der Einfahrt in den Bahnhof Randa. Im Hintergrund sieht man den Gletscher.


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The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn route network

The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn travels through the most beautiful regions of the Swiss Alps. It leads from Zermatt in the canton of Valais via Andermatt in the canton of Uri to Disentis in the Grisons. With the stretch from Andermatt to Göschenen, the entire route network measures 144 kilometres.

The narrow-gauge railway overcomes a total of 3300 metres in altitude, passes through 33 tunnels and galleries and crosses 126 bridges. The lowest point on the journey is Visp at 625 metres above sea level and the highest point is on the Oberalp Pass at 2033 metres above sea level

Facts & Figures

Route: Zermatt - Visp - Brig - Andermatt / Göschenen-Disentis
Route network: 144 km / Total rail network Switzerland: 5232 km, SBB 3024 km
Track width: meter gauge (1000 mm) / (standard gauge 1435 mm)
Number of passengers: 7 million (SBB/ Swiss Federal Railways: 366 million
Height meters overcome: 3300 meters
Highest point: Oberalppass 2033 m
Lowest point: Visp 625 m
Stations and stops: 44
Number of bridges: 126
Longest bridge: Rhonebrück east exit Brig (176 m)
Highest bridge: Grengiols viaduct (48 m)
Tunnels & Galleries: 50
Longest tunnel: Furka tunnel (15.4 km), opening 1982
Cogwheel track: 39.7 km (13 sections)
Gear system: System Abt
Strongest gradient: 179 per thousand (Göschenen-Andermatt)
Staff: 650 persons
Vehicle stock: 378 locomotives, passenger and freight cars
Power system: single-phase alternating current (11 kV), 16 2/3 hz