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Rail Service Information

Find the latest traffic information around the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn:

Keine Wartezeit Autoverlad Furka Oberwald

Aktuell besteht an der Verladestation Oberwald (VS) des Autoverlad Furka keine Wartezeit.

Keine Wartezeit Autoverlad Furka Realp

Aktuell besteht an der Verladestation Realp (UR) des Autoverlad Furka keine Wartezeit.

Furka car train

The Furka car train operates year-round. It will take you just 15 minutes to travel through the 15.4-km-long Furka Tunnel from Oberwald to Realp.

General information about the Furka car train

  • Motorcyclists and cyclists must be in Realp, ready to be loaded, 15 minutes before the departure time.
  • Motorcyclists are responsible for securing their motorcycle and must remain with their vehicle during the journey.
  • Vehicles carrying dangerous goods, as defined by the ADR/ SDR, are prohibited from being loaded.
  • Prior to loading, please retract side antennas at least to the height of the vehicle roof. Please swing roof antennas down and secure these. (Caution! Danger through touching the overhead contact line).
  • Please don‘t throw any items (cigarette butts, bottles etc.) from the vehicle during the journey. Caution: Extreme danger!

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