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General information about the Furka car train

  • Wide-bodied vehicles higher than 3.05 m must be in position ready for loading at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time.
  • A booking for these vehicles at the loading station is mandatory (reason: restricted loading capacity).
  • All chauffeurs with large vehicles weighing over 3.5 t must automatically present the drivers license.
  • The chauffeurs are responsible for adhering to the 20 t limit.
  • Rear-view mirrors should be removed or swung in.
  • Park your vehicle longitudinally in the middle and centred with regard to the sides on the car wagon.
  • Should you have an air-cushioned vehicle, please lower this after loading has been completed.
  • Your vehicle will be earthed by the loading personnel. In no case move your vehicle without instructions from the loading personnel.


Maximum dimensions

Width Height Corner height
2.60 m 3.62 m 3.50 m
2.55 m 3.62 m 3.53 m
2.50 m 3.62 m 3.57 m
2.40 m 3.62m 3.62m
Max. weight: 20 t per vehicle    

One-way prices for the Furka car train

Type of vehicle Price per ride (CHF)
Buses 10–19 seats 49.00
Buses 20–25 seats 103.00
Buses 26–36 seats 165.00
Buses >36 seats 225.00
Motor vehicles 3.5t to 4.99t 99.00
Motor vehicles 5t to 9.99t 158.00
Motor vehicles 10t to 14.99t 228.00
Motor vehicles 15t to 20t 328.00
Handling fee: Vehicles >3 metres high or extra-wide 25.00

Loading railway stations

Oberwald, tel. +41 (0)27 927 76 66,
Realp, tel. +41 (0)27 927 76