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Exquisite travel & tastes

Saturday, 25. and Sunday, 26.11.2017 Visp - Disentis - Visp

Enjoy this trip par excellence. During your return journey from Visp to Disentis, enjoy an 8-course gourmet menu prepared by star chef Dietmar Sawyere from The Chedi Andermatt. The menu is accompanied by the finest of wines from Domaines Chevaliers SA. In Disentis there will be an hour-long break where you can enjoy a concert performed by Ursina, a Swiss singer-songwriter. 

Our host

The cuisine at The Chedi Andermatt is a gastronomic statement in itself and offers guests the opportunity to choose from eight of the finest offerings. Dietmar is the Executive Chef at The Restaurant and The Japanese. In four studio kitchens at The Restaurant, tempting Asian and European dishes are prepared while you watch. And The Japanese is quite unique in the Swiss Alps, for here authentic Japanese delicacies are served at the Sushi and Sashimi bar as well as at the Tempura and Teppanyaki counter. Both restaurants have been awarded with GaultMillau points: The Japanese Restaurant with 16 GaultMillau points and The Restaurant with 15 GaultMillau points. The Chedi was named Hotel of the Year 2017 by GaultMillau Switzerland.

Dietmar was born in Switzerland and commenced his career at the age of 16 at a London hotel. After receiving countless awards and working overseas in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, he moved back to Switzerland in 2013. He was appointed Executive Chef at the Widder Hotel in Zurich, where he was awarded 15 Gault Millau points.

Price CHF 195.00



*Including arrival and departure to / from Visp from all MGBahn stations


Included: train ride, menu, all wines, mineral and coffee


Minimum number of participants: 80     


We would be pleased to advise you personally on
+41 (0)848 642 442 or by e-mail at


Amuse Bouche ... Mountain Potato, Smoked Duck, Autumn Truffles

Petite Arvine "Altimus" 2016, Lux Vina, Domaines Chevaliers SA


Trio of Japanese appetisers

Petite Arvine "Altimus" 2016, Lux Vina, Domaines Chevaliers SA


Traditional Cheese, Onion & Bread Soup from Uri

"P" Assemblage Blanc 2016, Lux Vina, Domaines Chevaliers SA (Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne Blanche)


Confit of Lake Char, Thai style green mango salad

"P" Assemblage Blanc 2016, Lux Vina, Domaines Chevaliers SA (Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne Blanche)


Steamed Chedi Dim Sum ... Prawn, Beef, Chicken, Our Soy & Chilli Sauces

Pinot Noir "Clos de Pachje" 2015, Lux Vina, Domaines Chevaliers SA


Urner Veal medallion, Alpine Herb Sauce, Forest Mushrooms, Spätzli

"W" Assemblage Rouge 2013, Lux Vina, Domaines Chevaliers (Gamaret, Merlot, Diolinoir)


Journey of cheese ... Wallis, Uri, Graubunden

«Elixier» 2014, Lux Vina, Domaines Chevaliers SA (Syrah, Merlot, Cornalin)


Chocolate Forest

Grains Nobles Surmaturés 2015, Lux Vina, Domaines Chevaliers SA (Pinot Gris, Marsanne Blanche)


The Chedi Friandises

The Domaines Chevaliers wine-growing estate

"Our winery is our life. This sun-drenched location in the Salgesch vineyards inspires us daily, especially in the autumn, when the leaves of the vines become resplendent with rich colours and the grapes mature to perfection." 

Patrick Z’Brun and his team have infused a new spirit into this prominent winery – an inheritance with considerable standing: Vins des Chevaliers was once flown all over the world on board Swissair. Oswald Mathier-Küchler founded the company "Vins des Chevaliers" in 1936. His unerring instinct for future developments also spurred him on to pioneering achievements. He tilled the soil particularly deeply and used a revolutionary method to do so. The other wine growers were initially taken aback, but afterwards recognised the increase in fruit quality. Success also followed. 

Drive, ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and, above all, a passion for wine: Patrick Z’Brun now also looks to the future with the mind-set of a lateral thinker. One who is fully cognisant of the roots for which he and his team are developing visions. And Sherpa wines is one of those visions. The sales proceeds from these red and white wine blends benefit the Swiss Sherpa Foundation which was founded by Z’Brun and which, among other things, enables Sherpas to train as mountain guides. 

The winery was renamed Domaines Chevaliers in 2017. Lux Vina, a new brand, is a recent addition to the estate’s traditional Vins des Chevaliers brand. 

The team assisting Patrick Z’Brun and his oenologist Christian Gfeller have for years observed and analysed the vineyards. Older terraced locations that were in part difficult to access have been revitalised; dry stone walls have been repaired. The oldest vines are well over 50 years old. They might produce smaller yields, but their grapes exhibit extremely complex fruit. Lux Vina was created to offer these vines a fitting stage. The powerful and energetic wines are impressive examples of how a perfect synthesis of unique geological conditions and excellent amounts of sunshine in combination with a mild, Mediterranean climate can give rise to wines displaying a very particular character of origin. 

Lux is Latin for light. Lux Vina is also a tribute to Patrick Z’Brun’s mother who was baptised with this intriguing first name. Patrick’s son, Vital, is responsible for the wine labels. These visualise the philosophy and the history of the family. He has used the logo to reference a favourite piece of jewellery belonging to his grandmother. The intense colours of the labels allude to the colours fashionable in the 1930s, the decade in which Lux Z’Brun was born and Vins des Chevaliers was founded. In this sense, Lux Vina can also be said to be an intergenerational project.

Deeply rooted, of premium quality and forward looking – a precis of Lux Vina by Domaines Chevaliers.

Musical entertainment in Disentis


She grew up in Disentis, attended the Institute for Jazz in Lucerne, studied in Copenhagen and recorded her debut album "You have my heart" in Berlin. She now lives in Zurich. It is a worldliness, openness and broad-mindedness that is also evident in the high-calibre pop music of Ursina. This is mainly attributable to Ursina's voice: soft-toned and penetrating – yet imbued with emotions. Her songs pay homage to a slower pace of life and celebrate solitude and love in equal measure.




Visp–Disentis train schedule

Visp depart 10.15 am
Brig depart 10.34 am
Disentis arrive 1.45 pm
Disentis depart 3.00 pm
Brig arrive 5.40 pm
Visp arrive 5.52 pm

More information about this gourmet journey

We recommend you make a timely reservation for this gourmet journey (no later than 4 days prior): Phone number Rail Center +41 (0)848 642 442 or Email The journey will not go ahead if the minimum number of participants is not reached. We will advise you by email in good time.