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Open-air theatre Riffelberg, Zermatt 2019

Third edition of the Zermatt Open Air Theatre from summer 2019

Matterhorn: No Ladies, please!

Europe’s highest open-air play takes place for the third time at Gornergrat  on the Riffelberg.  The performances are in July, August and September 2019 and tell the story of the ambitious Lucy Walker who, in 1871, was the first woman ever to ascend the Matterhorn.  Come and enjoy this amusing performance against a wonderful  backdrop at over 2,500 m and always with the Matterhorn in sight.

Contents of the open-air theatre drama: Lucy Walker, first woman up the Matterhorn

Lucy Walker’s mountaineering career began with hiking.  Her doctor diagnosed her with rheumatism and suggested she take up ‘walking’ to reduce her aches and pains.  Together with brother Horace and father Frank Walker she then started to visit the Alps and discovered her passion for nature and mountains.

Under the guidance of mountain guides Jakob and Melchior Anderegg in 1864 she and her brother and father  succeeded in making the first ascent of the Balmhorn.  Soon she was striving for bigger challenges.  She climbed the Wetterhorn, the Liskamm and Piz Bernina and then on 22. July 1871 she was ready for her greatest challenge:  as the first woman in the world she climbed the 4,478-metre  high Matterhorn.

Location of the open-air theatre Zermatt on Riffelberg

The open-air performances take place from 11. July to 1. September 2019 every Thursday to Saturday and on Sundays in the afternoon on the Riffelberg. To reach the theatre you take the Gornergrat  railway to Riffelberg station.  The open-air theatre with seating for 700 people is just a one-minute walk from the station.  Woollen blankets and rain ponchos are on hand, just in case.

Tickets Open-air theatre

Tickets include the train ride from Zermatt to Riffelberg and back. For additionnal CHF 30.- (CHF 15.- with GA/Halbtax), you can buy a ticket to get to the top of Gornergrat. 

CHF 94.00 
CHF 124.00

No further reductions with GA/Halbtax. 

1: Seat incl. train ticket Zermatt-Riffelberg-Zermatt

2: VIP seat incl. train ticket Zermatt-Riffelberg-Zermatt incl. programme booklet






Dates and times

July August September
Saturday, 13.07.2019, 7.30 pm Thursday, 1.08.2019, 3.00 pm Sunday, 1.09.2019, 3.00 pm
Sunday, 14.07.2019, 3.00 pm Friday, 2.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
Thursday, 18.07.2019, 7.30 pm Saturday, 3.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
Friday, 19.07.2019, 7.30 pm Sunday, 4.08.2019, 3.00 pm  
Saturday, 20.07.2019, 7.30 pm Thursday, 8.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
Sunday, 21.07.2019, 3.00 pm Friday, 9.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
Thursday, 25.07.2019, 7.30 pm Saturday, 10.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
Friday, 26.07.2019, 7.30 pm Sunday, 11.08.2019, 3.00 pm  
Saturday, 27.07.2019, 7.30 pm Thursday, 15.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
Sunday, 28.07.2019, 3.00 pm Friday, 16.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
  Saturday, 17.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
  Sunday, 18.08.2019, 3.00 pm  
  Thursday, 22.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
  Friday, 23.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
  Saturday, 24.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
  Sunday, 25.08.2019, 3.00 pm  
  Thursday, 29.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
  Friday, 30.08.2019, 7.30 pm  
  Saturday, 31.08.2019, 7.30 pm  

Travel to and from the open-air play “Matterhorn: no ladies please!” on the Riffelberg.

The rail timetables from your place of departure to Zermatt and up to the Riffelberg and back are published online. The connection at the end of the performance (last train from Zermatt departs 22.13) to Visp/Brig is guaranteed.

Open-air theatre Zermatt tickets

Advance booking opens on 15. November 2018.
Tickets will be available in the Gornergrat  railway’s Online Shop.

Trailer Open-air theatre Zermatt 2019