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Dear Matterhorn Gotthard Railway / Gornergrat  Railway fans

We are delighted to receive your friendly or critical feedback.  Everyone is invited to have their say on our social media channels and we love to hear from you – articles, photos or videos on various, relevant topics.

Your contributions are taken seriously and we would rather not have to delete any of them – and so that we don’t have to please take note of the netiquette rules of the game:

Information about providing feedback:

    • Please only upload content of which you are the owner or have the rights to share.
    • Your articles and comments or those of any fans do not necessarily have to coincide with the opinions of our staff or business partners of the MGB or Gornergrat  railway.
    • We reserve the right to delete undesired content as described below:
    • We will not tolerate the following content:
    • Obscene, rude, threatening, pornographic, racist, insulting, discriminating, misleading, illegal or content inciting violence
    • Content which goes against copyrights or personal rights or indirect advertising for other products
    • To display chat threads that were sent via Direct Messenger with MGB railway or Gornergrat  railway without the specific consent of the social media site managers

Data protection 

Dialogues on social media are generally public. In the interests of data protection please do not publish any personal information such as your address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.