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Swiss National Jamboree “mova” 2022

mova – on y va!

The national camp of the Swiss Scout Movement will take place in Valais this time. The Goms will be the host region for the BuLa. Around 30,000 Scouts will settle in the valley for a fortnight from 23 July to 6 August 2022. Under the motto "mova", everything revolves around movement.

The national camp of the scouts is the largest transport order in the history of the MGBahn.

The dimensions are enormous. 35,000 scouts from all over Switzerland will pitch their tents between Geschinen and Obergesteln for two weeks this summer. That's more young people than the combined population of the valley communities of Naters, Brig-Glis and Visp. The MGBahn is one of the transport partners of the national camp, along with the SBB and PostBus. On the day of arrival alone, the companies will transport 20,000 Scouts to Ulrichen railway station.

The Scouts will travel in groups via Brig and Göschenen/Andermatt to Ulrichen on 23 July (full day) and 24 July (morning). The first participants will arrive in Brig and Göschenen shortly after 7 am, the last after 6 pm.  Afterwards, countless extra trains as well as the regular trains of the MGBahn and extra buses of PostBus will transport the scouts from Brig and Göschenen/Andermatt to Ulrichen. On these days, up to five times more passengers are transported to Goms on these routes than on a normal travel day. On 5 August (morning) and 6 August (full day) the scouts will start their return journey. This is planned in the same way as the arrival, only in the opposite direction.    

The trains between Brig and Göschenen/Andermatt and Ulrichen will be busy throughout the two-week camp. From Monday to Thursday, the scouts will go on excursions in the Ursern, Goms, Brig and Visp area. In addition, there will be a total of 10 visiting days for the relatives. The camp management expects around 37,000 visitors. From Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July alone, up to 8,000 Scouts' relatives will travel to Goms by public transport.

Bottlenecks for individual travellers on trains are possible

The transport for the scouts on the arrival and departure days, for the excursions and for the visiting days has been planned through. For the national camp, several dozen extra trains will run in Goms from 23 July to 6 August 2022 and the regular trains will be reinforced with additional coaches. There should always be room for "non-Pfadis" on the scheduled trains. However, bottlenecks cannot be ruled out. The MGBahn asks for your understanding if there are any restrictions during the 2 weeks.

    • On 23 July 2022, the trains between Brig and Göschenen/Andermatt to Ulrichen are expected to be busy all day.
    • On 24 July 2022, a high volume of passengers must be expected on the trains between Brig and Göschenen/Andermatt to Ulrichen in the morning.
    • From 25 July 2022 to 04 August 2022, large groups of scouts and camp visitors will be travelling on our trains between Brig and Göschenen.
    • From Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July alone, up to 8,000 Scouts will travel daily by public transport via Brig and Göschenen/Andermatt to Goms.
    • On 5 August 2022 in the morning and on 6 August 2022 all day, the trains between Ulrichen to Brig and Andermatt/Göschenen are expected to be very busy.
    • From 22 July - 07 August 2022, the car transport service on the Furka will also only run hourly at weekends. This also applies to 01 August 2022.