Trift chapel


The simple, small prayer house at Trift above Zermatt lies at 2,340 m by the Hotel du Trift. It reflects the religious conviction of the people who spend day after day in the mountains.

This small, whitewashed prayer house in honour of the Holy Mother of God was built in 1902 by Peter Aufdenblatten. It has no bell tower, just a simple iron cross over the entrance. It is currently still in the ownership of the descendants of the Aufdenblatten family.

The original altarpiece, Mary with the Child Jesus, was painted by Hans Beat Wieland in 1905 and was donated to the Trift chapel. It now hangs in the dining hall of the Hotel du Trift. The altar painting now decorating the chancel is a copy of the Madonna of the Rose Bower by Stefan Lochner of Cologne. The stained-glass windows date back to the time of the last restoration in the 1980s.

  • Photo subject: chapel with mountain panorama

  • Wealth of alpine flora

  • Wildlife to be seen (chamois)

  • Mountain guest house, Hotel du Trift, beside chapel