Stations of the Cross at Randa


An attraction for walkers as well as pilgrims: the Stations of the Cross at Randa evoke a local legend and offer fine views of the mountains around Zermatt, Täsch and Randa, including the Dom and Weisshorn. A place where the spiritual and earthly realms meet…

A small chapel on the Schaliberg, halfway between the Fluhbrücke bridge and the region of the “Schalachern”, is the focus of a local legend. Here, at an altitude of 1,572 m, a boy and a girl used to graze sheep. For fun, they baptised one of the lambs. From that day on, according to the story, the atmosphere here became distinctly eerie. Residents of the hamlet of Wildi hardly dared to come this way any more, even in broad daylight. A spirit in the form of a coal-black sheep was said to roam the area. It only left the region in peace when the offender, now a grown-up man, had built a small chapel as atonement.

In summer 1937, a Stations of the Cross with 14 stations was erected on the path from the Fluhbrücke bridge to the chapel, thanks to the efforts of Klara Truffer (z' Franz'sch Klari). She provided the impetus for the project and undertook to look after it. The money that pilgrims and hikers donate in the offertory box at the chapel is used for maintenance of the chapel and the Stations of the Cross. And they are well rewarded: the path offers impressive views of the mountains around Zermatt, Täsch and Randa, including the summits of the Dom and Weisshorn.