Maighels hut


The spacious SAC hut lies at the foot of the Piz Cavradi, with views of the Lai Urlaun and the Maighels Glacier. Sports enthusiasts and nature lovers enjoy arriving here thanks to the vehicle-free access route. In addition to hikers, bikers, joggers and Nordic walkers you will also come across athletic parents pushing prams. You can sample the hearty dishes served here, bask in the sun on the terrace or enjoy the cosy recreation room if the weather is rainy. Cappuccino served with a fresh fruit tart, beer on tap and fine wines from the cellar are also available. Everything tastes better at this altitude. Your hosts might even have time for a chat – after all, not only Rhaeto-Romanic is spoken here. Hiking time from Oberalp Pass: 2 hours

Opening Hours