Lookout point: Bostg


The Bostg lookout mountain can be reached on foot from various starting points and offers far-reaching views of the Val Tujetsch valley to the west and sweeping views from the Surselva to the Flimserstein to the east. “Bostg” is a Rhaeto-Romanic word that is a challenge for many a tongue and means “forest” or “woods”. True to its name, it is covered with dense stands of fir trees almost all the way to its summit. Once you arrive at the upper section, however, it provides a clear view of an impressive Alpine panorama. Muraun, Caziraun, Caschleglia and Medel are some of the names of the peaks that form the horizon to the south. A craggy rock plateau borders the valley to the north, and you have to visualise the Brunni Glacier lying behind it.

Opening Hours

Sommer: Wanderweg T2 (wenig Schwierig)

Winter: Signalisierter Schneeschuhtrail ab Segnas. (mittelschwer)