Jost-Sigristen Museum


The Jost Sigristen house was built in 1581, as the inscription on the diel tree (ceiling beam in the parlor) states. Three guildstone stoves in the house date from the same year. Soon after, the wooden house was extended with a stone annex (with facade paintings and the year 1601). In 1771/72, the house received its furnishings (parlor with wainscoting and cupboard), most of which still exist today, from Iacobus Valentin Sigristen (1733-1808), a typical representative of the bailiwick patriciate in the late 18th century. Sigristen has gone down in history as the last governor of the old Valais before the invasion of the French. In 1989, the municipality, together with the Foundation and Association for Local History and Cultural Preservation, set up a museum to give us an understanding of the daily life of a governor in the old Valais. Free with the guest card from the Tourist office of the Binntal Nature Park. target_blank:

Opening Hours

Wednesday and Sunday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.