Fuxstein chapel


A visit to this unusual sanctuary is a special experience. The chapel is hollowed out of a boulder that stands on the valley floor.

The famous Fuxstein rock lies near Schopf, surrounded by meadows and pastures. Inside is a small shrine that attracts many pilgrims. People taking a Sunday stroll often like to walk here: the peaceful setting is ideal for anyone wishing to offer up a quiet prayer and lay their problems before Our Lady of Sorrows.

Replacement for stolen statues The existing Fuxstein chapel was extended several times being fully renovated; it now incorporates a sanctuary. 449 explosive charges were needed to hollow out the space for the new “Sieben Schmerzen Mariens” chapel. The Marian year of 1954 and a personal request from the parish priest made it possible to enlarge and redesign the chapel. In 1977, the chapel received a different altarpiece depicting the “Sieben Schmerzen Mariens”, the Seven Sorrows of Mary, obtained from the White Fathers in Lucerne. This purchase became necessary after the two most beautiful statues were stolen. Another renovation took place in 1997. The interior, walls and floor were renewed, a restored altar was installed and a new terrace was laid out in front of the chapel. The young people of the village planted a tree.

  • Photo subject: boulder as chapel

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