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Important information for points card owners

The points card offer will be cancelled

From 01. April 2024  the BLS and the MGBahn will have different access systems from different providers.  The continuation of the points card is therefore no longer possible for technical reasons.

Do you have an MGBahn points card (number 2xxxxxx)?

The MGBahn points cards have a number that begins with a two (2xxxxxx). These can still be used at the Furka car transport. The points card can no longer be used at the Lötschberg and Simplon car transport from 1 April 2024.  

It will still be possible to top up your points card or purchase a new one from MGBahn until 30.11.2022.

You will receive more information on our new products shortly.  

Do you have a BLS points card (number 1xxxxxx)?

Due to the technical adjustment, it will no longer be possible to use the BLS points card (1xxxxxx) at the Furka car transporter from 1 April 2024. At the time of the system changeover, the entire credit balance on the BLS points card (1xxxxxx) will be transferred to a digital customer account and can continue to be used for BLS Autoverlad Lötschberg/Simplon. 

As the holder of such a points card, you can find more information here.   

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How will I recognize if  I have a BLS or MGBahn points card?

The first number on the points card is the indicator: BLS cards begin with 1xxxxxx and MGBahn Railway cards with 2xxxxxx

    • Why is there no longer a joint product with BLS?

From 01. April 2024  the BLS and the MGBahn will have different access systems from different providers.  The continuation is therefore no longer possible for technical reasons.

    • Why is there no common digital solution offered in the future, similar to the points card? Surely this should be possible without any problems in the digital age? 

Since both the BLS and MGBahn access systems have reached the end of their life cycle, both companies had to look for new, future-oriented solutions. For both railways, this was done through an open tendering process, as prescribed for providers of public services. This process is based on clearly defined decision-making criteria. The submitted offers are evaluated on the basis of these criteria. Both railways have adhered to this predefined process independently of each other and have arrived at different results in the evaluation of the offers received. In the interest of the customers, it was then checked whether compatibility could be established between the two different systems. This would have been possible in principle, but only at a very unfavourable cost-benefit ratio, which is why such a solution - also in the sense of careful handling of public funds - was not pursued further.  

    • What will change for customers and current users of the points card? 

For customers and current users of the points card, not too much will change. In future, they will not carry a physical points card with them, but will be able to access digital offers on both railways, which will continue to include advantageous products for frequent travellers.

    • What are the alternatives?

Both the BLS and the MGBahn will be offering advantageous products for frequent travellers in the future.  The details are still being worked out but will be published in time on  You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be informed.

    • I won’t require my points card when I am unable to use the vehicle transport on the Lötschberg/Simplon.  Can I get a cash repayment for the unused points?

You can use your MGBahn points card as usual up to 31. March 2024.  Until then the current General Terms and Conditions apply (only refunds from cash credit possible). 

    • How long can I continue to use my points card?

Both the MGBahn and the BLS points cards will be valid up to 31.03.24.  MGBahn points cards will also still be accepted up to their expiry date, but to a maximum of 30.11.2025, on the Furka vehicle transport.

    • Until when can I buy a new points card or recharge my existing card?

Up to 31. October 2022 you can either buy or recharge points cards with the MGBahn.  These will be valid with the BLS up to 31.03.2024.  MGBahn points cards can be used up to 30.11.2025 on the Furka vehicle transport.

    • I would like to change my points card into the new pass now.

We recommend you use up the remaining points on your card.

    • Can I return a points card from the BLS (1…) with the MGBahn (because I only use the MGBahn transport)?

No. Any remaining credit on a BLS points card must be claimed from the BLS.

    • Why can’t I return my BLS points card to the MGBahn as it was charged with the MGBahn?

Revenue from charging is managed by the transport company that issued the card.

    • Where can I claim a refund on my MGBahn points card?

You can reclaim your credit on your MGBahn points card according to the General Terms and Conditions at the vehicle loading station in Oberwald.

    • Where can I reclaim the CHF 10.00 deposit I paid for the points card?

At the loading stations in either Realp or Oberwald.

    • How is the handling at the BLS?

The BLS points cards are no longer valid for the BLS and MGBahn after 01. April 2024.  The outstanding credit on a BLS points card will be carried over to a customer account.  For the exact details, please contact the BLS directly.

    • How will I be regularly kept up-to-date?

We recommend you subscribe to the MGBahn newsletter below. Here you will be regularly informed about our products and the vehicle transport system. You can also find information on